Tue, 26 Feb 2008 01:45:13 PST
Hi all,

Back from work in the Paris and a long week end at a botanist friend in Ard├Ęche (one of the best Crassulaceae collection I ever saw - with special reference to Kalanchoe and Bryophillum), I spent most of yesterday gardening and planting the new south african and south american bulbs. Today is very cloudy and wet and I will keep up with my emails (whoever is waiting for personnal an answer from me - please apologize if I am a little long)...

I wanted to know if any of you has an email address to contact P. Ravenna and Martyn Rix.

Similarly, do you have any clue about where to order back issues of the periodic : Onica Bot. Leafl.

Thanks in advance and don't hesitate to answer privately :


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