Yahoo and Latin

Deborah Jordan
Thu, 14 Feb 2008 17:16:24 PST
I'm usually a lurker here, but as a comcast person--I've never not received anything from this group (or any other). Excellent spam blocker too--I never have to "wade" thru it to find something real.

As far as colorful language goes--they do not block it. I have many "colorful" friends and family members.

I think the problem might lie with Yahoo. Seperate messages might work better; when you reply to a message (and then reply to several replies), I think that often is the problem with Yahoo groups. It also is nice not to have to scroll down 3-5 replies when you get this in the "digest" form.

This my opinion here, I know everyone has one. Lots of bulbs are blooming down here in Houston, Texas.

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