Winterflowering Kniphofias

John Grimshaw
Thu, 28 Feb 2008 10:18:10 PST
Kniphofia rooperi flowers here in September-October. Perhaps different 
populations flower at different times.

Identification of red-hot pokers is notoriously difficult, even in the wild, 
and I would be cautious about accepting the name on a label, and even less 
on seeds in a packet.

John Grimshaw

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I continue to be fascinated by how climate affects flowering time.
Kniphofia rooperi flowers here from August-October.

Tony Avent

Lauw de Jager wrote:
> Ken,
>  Concerneing K rooperii, the only trouble with freezing temperatures is 
> that
> the  buds are destroyed. They flower consistently from  late Decembre till
> early March.  However, watering has an impact on the flowering time: those
> with regular drip irrigation flower much better then those submitted to
> summer and this year an autumn drought  (till early December).
> Dave Fenwick had a few K rooperi from me some years ago, he might be able 
> to
> add some interesting details (Dave are you still on the list?)
> Thanks  everyone who confirmed that K sarmentosa is  winterflowering and
> come from  SW Cape; thus should be an ideal plant for our mediterranean
> climat.
> I will try to put  some K rooperii images on the wiki
> Greetings

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