Gladiolus dalenii
Fri, 15 Feb 2008 00:54:57 PST
Dear Lauw,

Just before planting and choosing the right location for the Gladiolus dalenii I got from you can you tell me if you know from which area of the species range the bulbs I got from you come from ?

I guess that I have just the right spot on the southern face of the garden at the feet of Buddleya salvifolia and near by rock beds were develops various Mesembs (Delopserma, Rushia and Bergeranthus), Aloes, Haworthia and also my larger South Africa bulbs (Amarcrinum howardii and Crinum x moorei).

Wondering if I will not plant some Eucomis and Galtonia in the same area... Wait and see...

Any suggestion about what could join in ???

Take care all,


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