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Wed, 13 Feb 2008 02:06:44 PST

Hi Bob...

The suggestion by Paige to have a look at The Paleomap Project by
Christopher R. Scotese, http://www.scotese.com/ is excellent
since it will give you a very good overview of the evolution of plate tectonics
and continents since late Jurassic times (admitting that angiosperms are not
older). For the needs of you study I believe that you need maps that are less general and more concentrated on the Panthalassa (former Pacific) and Circum-Pacific areas. I shall have a look to the litterature I have here and see what maps I can come up with.

Don't hesitate to contact me directly to give me more details on your project...

Luc - in a sunny South East France almost early spring !!!

Welcome aboard Luc

And Mark I would be interested to here more about your
cretaceous woodland. I have been looking for some information
that both of you may know but I have not been able to find. What I am looking for are maps
of the world going back to the time of origin of flowering plants and to the


I have been
studying the genus Iris for a number of years and have pondered the
distributions of related species that seem to have become
separated. I am hoping that maybe these maps may help me understand how certain Iris are
along the pacific coast of the USA and their closest relatives are in the
Himalayas. Another species that lives in the SE USA seems to be related

to plants in China or Japan. Do you know of any published
maps like I am seeking?

Bob Pries, in the Missouri Ozarks

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