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  I have listed this species in my 2008 summer bulb list. They are sturdy
  seedlings several years old. Requests for this list are welcome (US orders
  only), please send a private request to me at othonna<at>gmail<dot>com. Also
  on this list are rare species of Dandya, Hymenocallis, Rauhia and
  Stenomesson, most with locality information. A winter grower list is also
  available but these will not be shipped until June of this year.
  I find S. howardii easy to grow here outdoors in Los Angeles so long as it
  is kept out of winter rains. It starts growth in early summer and finishes
  in late fall so do not expect spring activity-- as with geophytes from the
  monsoon climate areas of Mexico generally. Its hysteranthous habit (flowers
  appearing above bare soil before the leaves) is very appealing and the
  flowers are large compared to the plant overall and blood red. Bulbs are
  more like Rhodophiala or Zephyranthes in being subterranean with a long
  neck; foliage is also distinct from S. formosissima in being uniformly
  narrower, darker and with some red tinting. S. howardii grows in hot dry
  canyons at lower elevations than S. formosissima.

  It is a fine species, recognized decades ago by Thad as distinctive, and I
  am pleased to be able to offer it.

  Dylan Hannon Rare Bulbs

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