Kniphofia rooperi in habitat
Fri, 29 Feb 2008 04:48:42 PST
Hi all,

As?John said K. rooperi is a pretty distinctive species due to its globose inflorescence. It occurs in marshy coastal areas from southern KZN into Northern Eastern Cape (roughly from East London to Durban). According to Elsa Pooley (A Field Guide to the Wildflowers of KZN and the eastern region), in the wild it blooms in the austral winter (from April to September). I saw the plant in flower near Bizana (KZN/EC boundary) last September (the 5th). Other bulbs at the same locality included Scilla krausii (sometimes regarded as a synonym of S. natalensis) and Hypoxis colchicifolia. Other species included Crassula nudicaulis and Aloe arborescens.

I have pictures of that locality and wouldn't not mind to share.


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