Kenneth Hixson
Mon, 18 Feb 2008 11:12:04 PST
piaba wrote:
> hmmm...  i don't know what to do.  why am i getting
> bounced from this list regularly?  i'm not the one
> writing about naked ladies!!!!  

	"Bouncing" isn't anything to do with censorship--
your ISP provides a certain amount of computer storage
space for each account, and after that amount is filled,
the ISP's computer automatically refuses to accept more
messages--incoming mail is "bounced", meaning returned
to the sending computer.  In effect, your ISP says "there
isn't room for any more messages".  The sending computer
will automatically resend the message after a certain number
of hours, and will do so a certain number of times, which
can be adjusted by the administrators.  Once the set numbers
are exceeded, the account is inactivated and the sending
computer no longer tries to send to that address.

	If you've received a lot of email you haven't
downloaded from your ISP--even one large JPG file for
instance, incoming mail may be "bounced".  Empty your
email account at your ISP, then notify the sending computer--
in this case pbs.  If the problem doesn't clear up, try
re-establishing the account.  Sometimes things on computers
get corrupted-just one 1 becoming a 0 will do it.

	If you can't empty your account regularly, you can
also arrange with your ISP to get more storage for your
email account--usually at extra cost.


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