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 Hi All,

Looking at Abebooks.com for the Aaron Davis Thesis, I also found : Stern F. C. 1956. SNOWDROPS AND SNOWFLAKES - A Study of The Genera Galanthus and Leucojum. I guess that this book is outdated but does anybody knows what is the quality of illustration and geographic data ? Quite an expensive book so I shall consider your advice before buying...

Also of interest (at least to me) is "Autumn bulbs" by Roy Leeds... Anybody can tell me if that book is worth to buy ??

Thanks to all whom helped with the references...

Luc who will soon be back in the garden in still sunny SE France



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Luc asked for a Galanthus monograph.

Timber Press published Aaron Davis' doctoral thesis in 1999:  The  
Genus Galanthus

It describes the species.

In 2001, Matt Bishop, Aaron Davis and John Grimshaw privately  
published  Snowdrops  A Monograph of Cultivated Galanthus.

I own both and consider them both essential.

Diane Whitehead
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