Yahoo and Latin

Thu, 14 Feb 2008 04:56:32 PST
As one who lives in Europe, I am deeply amused and disturbed by the 
current morals situation in the USA.  Europeans don't suffer much under 
this.  If you saw our TV commercials, many of you would find them 
pornographic.  We see them as natural!  What we are dealing with, here, 
is simply sensorship, which is illegal in the USA, as in Europe.  I 
would suggest you all start harassing your government officials, net 
servers, public interest groups, etc, and get this under control!  It 
won't cure itself.  Only the squeeky wheel gets oiled.

I have been black-listed by quite a few servers in the USA, such as ATT 
and Southern Bell, due to botanical terms.  It simply shows how 
unenlightened many people are.  This is a fight against ignorance.  It 
has nothing to do with morals or religion, etc. I find it extremely 
tragic to see education dumm-downed by right-wing radicals.  It's time 
the educated minority raises its laureled head.

By the way, just to add some juice, that particular F word, so dispised 
in the States is actually from the Dutch "to breed".  In Nederlands, it 
is only applied to animals, such as cows and pigs, etc.  Thus came the 
insult.  You were not describing a reproductive act, you were comparing 
one to a barnyard animal! Somehow got lost in the translation, or rather 
gained in the translation!

Jamie V.


Köln (Cologne)
Zone 8

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