BX wish list and new pictures

Laura & Dave toadlily@olywa.net
Sun, 03 Feb 2008 13:40:52 PST
Wish list ... hmmm

Well, to start with, more space in the yard and an alpine house ... but 
I don't think Dell can fit them into one of those mailers it's such fun 
to receive.  I'm actually planning to slow down on acquisition (yeah, 
right), to work with what I have so that I don't get accused of plant 
abuse.  Lot's of repotting is really overdo.

I also really need to increase my knowledge about soils, climate and 
geograpy, so it's out with the mysteries and in with the texts and the 
myriad plant books I've bought.

However, few gardeners can constrain themselves to total new plant 
abstinence, and I'm not one.  I've been lucky lately and gotten seed of 
several plants I've been looking for, such as Scoliopus hallii, and 
Tropaeolum azureum.  I'd still like to find:

Eucrosia mirabilis - I had my breath taken away by this plant this last 
Summer ('07).  I just got new pictures loaded onto the WiKi. 

Scilla dimartinoi (Great pictures on the Wiki!)
More of the larger Polygonatum species, such as P. zanianscianense.
Species of Nomocharis besides N. aperta.
Species of Daubenya, Massonia and Haemanthus that haven't yet been 
offered on the PBS Bx.
Codonopsis species that are less common.
Dierama renoldsii

I echo  Douglas Chadwick in  wanting to try some  others of the 
Erythronium from the midwest, ie. E. propullans and E. rostratum.  I 
have E. mesochoreum (thanks Aaron) which seems to be doing well for me.  
I'd also like to learn to grow the European/Asian species; I have a 
black thumb so far with them, for some reason.

I like the idea of a buying pool.  I think chipping in before an order 
is placed is great, This could take the form of credit on the Bx 
account.  That way, if nothing arrived that was desired, the money could 
be spent on later offerings, or let ride until the next buy.  This would 
help increase the amount available for orders, a benefit to all members, 
and should even out over time so that all members are equally advantaged 
by the system.

I especially wish that my plants will flourish so that I can share much 
more seed and knowledge with all of you!

Dave Brastow
Tumwater, WA  -USA-

Back to being zone 7A, after a week of nightly snow and freezing, daily 
rain.  Yuch!!

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