bounces/disabled accounts

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 18 Feb 2008 13:09:01 PST
I believe there are many reasons for bounces. Generally the bounce messages 
gives a clue. Sometimes it says that the mailbox is full. Sometimes the 
message says there is no such person (perhaps that person has changed 
emails and not changed the list subscription).  Sometimes there is a 
message indicating the message may have triggered a spam service to block 
the sender. Sometimes there is a message indicating the content of the 
message was not acceptable. Sometimes there is a message that something 
isn't working temporarily and the message is delayed and may be delivered 

PBS list administrators don't get these bounce messages until at least five 
messages have bounced and then the mailman program that is used for our 
list disables that subscriber so that messages do not continue to bounce. 
We get the disabling bounce message only. Afterwards periodically a message 
goes out to the person who is now set not to get any pbs mail telling them 
to reenable their pbs list account. If a certain number of those messages 
bounce, the person is unsubscribed from the list. Tsuh Yang included the 
message that gets sent out. When some of the Yahoo subscribers were 
disabled the first time, some people reenabled their subscriptions right 
away. Others didn't so eventually I reenabled the rest of them, but if this 
is a continuing problem with Yahoo another solution needs to be found. This 
was more of a problem for people getting individual messages than for 
digest subscribers so perhaps changing to digest would work.

If you are going to be away and have one of those limited storage email 
systems that Ken was talking about (not everyone has a limit) it is a good 
idea to set yourself to nomail before you leave and just check the archives 
when you get back to see if you missed anything. In this case I believe the 
problem is Yahoo, not the individuals not clearing their accounts. And I'm 
not convinced it has anything to do with the content of the messages.

The Yahoo messages that have been bouncing have this message:
delivery temporarily suspended: host[] refused to talk to me: 421 4.7.0 
     Messages from temporarily deferred due to user complaints -; see

This indicates to me that yahoo is targeting either our list or perhaps 
ibiblio for some undisclosed complaint. If anyone in our group knows how to 
sort it out please speak up. I've asked the Yahoo users to check with Yahoo 
or to get a alternate email to use for the list.

Diane Whitehead, another list administrator, who also is a list 
administrator for the Medit-List, says they are getting bounces from Yahoo 
on that list too with the same message.

Mary Sue

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