Questions concerning Sprekelia howardii

Douglas Westfall
Sun, 17 Feb 2008 14:52:02 PST
With the comments being a little "lopsided" in favor of those who  
question the process of microwaving pollen to encourage bulbs which  
tend to be "self sterile", I am reminded of another "discussion"  
several years ago when I was questioned about a miniature Scadoxus  
puniceus in my collection. I was told that there is no such Scadoxus  
in the literature and thus, I must be "wrong" or mistaken.

Well, I now have three clones of the "miniature" Scadoxus, and Dr  
Koopowitz has two clones. I was never "shaken" by the "nay-sayers",  
and now I know that I was/am right.

There were those who questioned my Scadoxus puniceus alba. Now there  
are those out there who have them.

I also have a variegated Veltheimia bracteata lemon flame. I have been  
admonished that it is just "badly virused". It is now eight years in  
my garden with NO virus spread, many seedlings all variegated with NO  
throwbacks, and it is just a beautiful as ever.

In a year or two, I hope to have another "new" bulb that will be  
questioned. Well, seeing is believing. The Creator's variety of types  
and forms is beyond my comprehension!!!

Not "doubting" Doug

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