Silly season, continued

James Frelichowski
Tue, 08 Jan 2008 05:11:10 PST
I once had a roommate who would have loved to get that book.
  Another thing that is funny about looking for 'bulbs' is doing a google or ebay search and finding out that 'light bulbs' are a much bigger hit.

Jim McKenney <> wrote:
  I'm beginning to wonder if I need an eye exam. 

This evening I had some time to kill, so I ducked into the local Borders
book store and wandered over to the gardening section. There I found a
bewildering array of books, about most of which I knew nothing. My eyes
glazed over as I scanned the shelves. I kept looking for something to peek
into for awhile to help pass the time. And then I saw them, three compact
little volumes with mauve pink covers. I thought the title said "bulbs", and
so I pulled one out to take a look. As soon as I got it out from the shelf I
realized I had made a bit of a mistake. The title didn't say "bulbs", it
said "buds" , specifically marijuana buds. I sort of furtively looked
around to see if anyone was watching, and quickly shoved the book back into
its lair. Then I noticed that it had lots of companions: a good foot of
shelf space seemed to be devoted to this topic. 
Years ago I had a coworker who had heard about my interest in gardening
through the grapevine. Every once in a while he would come over to talk
gardening. He was interested in only one thing: growing plants under high
intensity lights. I think I know what he was trying to grow. Maybe I should
go back to Borders and buy that book for him. Come to think of it, maybe I
should check that book to see if he wrote it. 

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, where our January heat wave
continues and Iris unguicularis has responded by sending up two more
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