Iris colchesterensis

Cynthia Mueller
Tue, 15 Jan 2008 14:21:22 PST
Thank you - I did not even know it was laevigata.   Now to see how much heat it can stand....Cynthia Mueller

>>> James Waddick <> 1/15/2008 12:29 PM >>>
>Dear All,
>Hoping an iris grower could help me: I've received some seeds of 
>Iris colchesterensis from Plant World Seeds.  Their planting 
>instructions seem rather general:

Dear Cynthia and all.
There is no species with this name, but the variety I. 
laevigata 'Colchesterensis' is well known and grown. This is one of 
the most aquatic of all irises. It should be hardy to Zone 4 at 
least, but not sure how it will do in a milder climate of Texas.

I'd soak the seed for a few days until all have sunk, Change 
water daily.

Plant in good garden soil, kept moist and place outdoors in a 
cool spot. As the seeds germinate continue to keep evenly moist. I. 
laevigata does best submerged in water from just over the 'ankles' to 
'knee deep'.

It's a beauty, too.bestJim W.

>"Sow at anytime and cover thinly with compost or grit in gentle heat 
>or a warm bright sot outside.  Grow on seedlings in 3 inch pots. 
>Plant out in a well prepared bed."
>Does this species require a chilling period and extra moisture?  I 
>seem to recall that it is very dependent on moist conditions, much 
>like Louisiana iris.  Please give your advice -
>Cynthia W. Mueller, College Station TX
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