Propagation of Tropaeolum

Sun, 13 Jan 2008 11:41:03 PST
Dear All, 
For the three species  grow (T. tricolor, pentyaphylum , brachyceras) I haze no need for 
tubercuttngs.  Reproduction by seeds  succedes excedingly well.  Last Septmber sowing is now 
10cm high, but 2006 sowng is now 150cm (60") high and will surely flower next month. Their 
vigor  surprised me so, that I  have to increase the wire netting  to the height og 300cm (10ft) as  
it is for the  adult tubers. T tricolor  will soon become available  in large quantities and I will  
sjurely put them out next season  in the garden without any protection. An italian customer 
specialising in  growing climbing plants for the wholesale market, intends to  put up a line of 
Tropeolum tricolor which will find their way into the garden centers in Europe. 
Greetings  from the Soth of France 
Lauw de Jager

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