tetra snowdrops?

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Fri, 04 Jan 2008 05:44:08 PST
Dear Diane Whitehead,
i only know of the tretraploid form of rizehensis which multiplies like a weed and has fused twin headed flowers or frequently two or more flowers to a scape and many other infirmities.All other forms of this species can be excruciatingly slow.My original clone from Potterton & Martin in the early eighties has made a small clump after all these years.One form that I collected in turkey recently flowers in November every year for the last two years.Quite a surprise.it was growing very low down near the black sea compared to all other populations.It seems to grow well but slowly,better than my original P. & M. form.
25 different galanthus in full flower on the 30th of jan.Since then it is spiralling out of count.
Kind regards,
Mark W. Brown

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> I've been scrutinizing my two snowdrop books in preparation for the 
> season.
> In Snowdrops, by John Grimshaw and Aaron Davis, it was written that 
> Dr. Ben Zonneveld of Leiden University was measuring the amount of DNA 
> in snowdrop species and some cultivars, using Flow Cytometry.
> In 2003, Zonneveld, Grimshaw and Davis, published an article about 
> this in Plant Systematics and Evolution.
> Tetraploids were found in Galanthus transcaucasicus and hexaploids in 
> G. elwesii and G. lagodechianus.
> I grow a lot of elwesii. Does this mean that some of them are likely 
> to be hexaploid? Would I look for the biggest ones?
> I have read that some of the best-known snowdrops, like Magnet, are 
> triploid, which means they are sterile.
> Is there a list somewhere of tetraploid snowdrop cultivars?
> Diane Whitehead
> Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
> maritime zone 8, cool Mediterranean climate
> mild rainy winters, mild dry summers
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