packing bulbs for shipping

Kelly Irvin
Thu, 31 Jan 2008 06:48:34 PST
Hello, Lauw. I usually mimic my suppliers for dormant bulbs. In all 
cases, I use paper bags, because in most cases there's at least sawdust. 
Certain items come having been put in slightly moistened milled peat or 
sawdust, and they are in a plastic bag inside of a paper bag.  This does 
sometimes cause problems related to mold. I've been learning with much 
of these, it helps to refrigerate them if they will not be shipped off 

All my nursery items either remain in their potting medium, even up to a 
short gallon with my Clivia, or are placed in plastic bags with 
moistened coarse sphagnum. If in foliage the foliage is usually trimmed 
for transport, and of course remains outside of the bag. Although this 
gives the customer something a bit messy to deal with, I  believe it has 
worked out very well in reducing shock. Why let Lycoris roots dry out 
and easily loose a season recovering, anyway?

I also pack my product so that it cannot move around in transport. I 
just can't see the benefit of flower bulbs bouncing around every time 
the package is dropped. This does mean zero air circulation, but I 
always use 2-3 day priority mail and have had no serious problems in 
that regard.

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