information and pictures of Hippeastrum request

German Roitman
Thu, 03 Jan 2008 17:02:42 PST
Hi all:

I have recently collected an Hippeastrum from the 
province of Corrientes (Argentina) from the same 
place where the holoptype "first collected 
voucher" of Amaryllis euryphylla Ravenna 
(Hippeastrum) has been collected. It will bloom 
in very few days, it seems it will be a long 
white trumpet, greenish outside. Within the 
subgenus Macropodastrum, in Argentina has been 
cited H. argentinum and H. parodii, but they live 
in completely different  habitats.

There are two other species from Brazil that 
could match the description, one is Hippeastrum 
brasilianum and the other one is Hippeastrum 
solandriflorum, if anyone has pictures (appart 
for the IBS pics) and information, such as 
flowering, production of bulblets of this species, please let me know.

New pictures of this plant will be available soon.

Best wishes


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