Wish Lists and the BX

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Sun, 27 Jan 2008 08:39:17 PST
Name whatever galanthus you wan't I can send it to you probably but phyto 
certificates will probably stimmy any effort in spite of them being garden 
hybrids etc.
Kind regards,
Mark W. Brown
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>I can play this game too!
> There is a source for seeds of several Brazilian species of Hippeastrum. 
> I
> would like to get seeds of the Argentinean and the Bolivian species of
> Hippeastrum as well --  but not hybrid seeds!
> Are seeds of Chilean bulbs available anymore?  I got some nice Rhodophiala
> species a few years ago.  By the way, those Rhodophiala seeds remain 
> viable
> at room temperature for years on end!  There are other genera beside
> Rhodophiala in Chile that are also attractive and enticing.
> I want to see seeds of more uncommon species of Haemanthus and Scadoxus
> available.  For example,  HH. tristus, amarylloides, namaquensis, and
> canaliculatus;  SS. pole-evansiae, cinnabarinus, cyrtanthiflorus, and 
> nutans
> Summer growing Gladiolus species, from the Drakensberg and Eastern Cape
> Province, for instance.
> Cyclamen seeds from the species.  If I can nurse my C. graecum back to
> enough health to flower, I can try to donate seeds of C. graecum someday.
> Hardy species of Fritillaria, seeds of the real species of the names that
> Chen Yi lists in her bulb sales.
> And I like Paige's suggestion about seed expeditions.  I might be willing
> to chip in a little bit to support one of those.  Thinking of going to
> China again, Paige?  Maybe you ought to.
> Things that I am not eager to grow from seeds include Galanthus, Crocus,
> Tulipa, and Narcissus.  I'm too old to wait for those kinds of seeds to 
> get
> around to flowering.  However, I'd definitely be interested in BULBS of
> Galanthus, Crocus, Tulipa, and Narcissus;  I'd also like some healthy 
> bulbs
> of Fritillaria, come to think of it.
> Dell didn't say our wishes had to be easy to fulfill, did he?
> Jim Shields
> in central Indiana (USA)
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