Tropaeolum notes..... and tubers cutting

studio pozzi taubert
Sat, 12 Jan 2008 13:24:20 PST
Jane McGary wrote:

> I wonder if anyone has successfully propagated these plants by cutting
the tuber (which looks like a little potato).

Rodger Whitlock wrote:

........... (something like removing an eye from a potato you are
going to eat for dinner), washing the wound with alcohol to remove
the slime exuded by the tuber, packing the wound with sulfur, and
replanting the tuber.

I may confirm it works well with many species of Arisaema tubers.

Cutting a tuber in many parts ( remember to sterilize the knife  
before each cutting ),

leaving at least two buds  (eyes) on each portion, saving the centre  
with another bud attached.

I never washed with alcohol but always covered the wounds with  
sulphure powder

and stored the cuttings for some days in dry conditions to let them  
dry well on wounded surfaces.

Then I planted the cuttings and got a growing rate about 80% with  
Candidissimum ( and other species

of  section franchetiana ), lower rates (about 50%) with Nepenthoides.

I was pushed to try by a friend who propagates them by cuttings in  
U.K. and forced to do so

when I found some tubers with small wounds or rotting points when  
lifted from ground,

it usually happened in Autumn this the reason why I didn't  
immediately replant the cuttings.

By the way Zantedeschia tubers don't need cutting with a blade but it  
is enough to brake by hands

the tubers ( coloured and hybrids )  or rizhomes ( aethiopica ) and  
let them dry in cold dry place with

rich flow and change of air to avoid mushes. This works better here  
in late February 15 days before replanting in

full ground.


Northern Italy, zone 7/7,5 ( going to zone 8 )

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