Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 01 Jan 2008 07:44:15 PST

I want to thank all of you who posted your encouragement about announcing 
wiki additions either on the list or privately. It appears that enough 
people are interested in hearing about the new additions to continue to do 
it. I will follow Dylan's suggestion and include at least the genus being 
referenced in the subject so people who are not interested won't have to 
read the whole post.

As this new year begins I want to thank those people who helped me last 
year with the wiki and the list. Arnold Trachtenberg continues to assist 
with the list and almost every day removes an ever increasing amount of 
spam that is posted by non-members of our list. He has also helped people 
add pictures to the wiki. Diane Whitehead also helps with the list, problem 
solving and helping non members who post to our list looking for 
information or to wanting to reach someone on the list. Jay Yourch made a 
major contribution to the wiki last year when it was upgraded. He spent 
hours and hours sorting out all the problems and making it 
operational.  Before that he had figured out a way to add thumbnails to our 
wiki pages which I think everyone agrees has improved the quality of the 
wiki enormously. He continues to think about ways to improve it and to help 
me whenever there is a problem. Linda Foulis has assisted when we have 
needed to make a lot of changes. She helped a lot with the thumbnail 
conversion, has split up pages, added tables, added links, etc.

Thanks to everyone who has added to the quality of our list by asking and 
answering questions. I continue to appreciate what a helpful group of 
people are subscribed to this list. And thanks to all of you who have 
contributed pictures and text to the wiki, found mistakes and told me about 
them or corrected them on your own. I especially am grateful for all of 
those people who have taken the time to learn how to use the wiki and who 
have independently added your pictures and information.

Happy New Year everyone.

Mary Sue
PBS list and wiki administrator

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