Wiki Additions-Calochortus

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 03 Jan 2008 11:29:38 PST
In case some of you have not made the connection, Mary Gerritsen is one of 
the authors of the Calochortus book published this year by Timber 
Press.  It includes descriptions, color photos, habitat and cultivation 
information about every major group and species. Mary has spent 
considerable time adding a lot of really valuable information about this 
genus to the wiki and resizing and renaming her pictures so they could be 
added to the wiki. Most of her pictures were taken in habitat as she has 
traveled to find the different species. New species added are Calochortus 
balsensis, Calochoruts cernus,  Calochortus davidsonianus,  Calochortus 
exilis,  Calochortus fuscus,  Calochortus greenei,  Calochortus 
hartwegii,  Calochortus leichtlinnii,  Calochortus mendozae, Calochortus 
nigrescens, Calochortus ownbeyi, Calochortus persistens,  Calochortus 
pringlei,  Calochortus purpureus, Calochortus spatulatus, and Calochortus 
subalpinus. In addition she has added habitat shots of some of the species 
already on the wiki. And there is more to come. For Calochortus enthusiasts 
everywhere it is wonderful to have this information be so readily 
available. Thank you Mary.

Mary Sue

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