Tips on Brodiaea cultivation

Jane McGary
Thu, 31 Jan 2008 16:59:05 PST
Tom asked about how soon to move seedling Brodiaea bulbs out of the seed 
pots and how long to keep them watered.

On watering, I water them until the leaves start to wither, then I put them 
in the shade, covering the flat of seed pots to prevent excessive drying. 
In late summer I tip them out and transplant the bulbs, which can be 
recognized at this stage if you haven't used a soil mix that has 
confusing-looking particles, into larger containers, which I plunge in sand 
in a bulb frame. Most Brodiaeas are pretty large plants and benefit from 
occasional applications of soluble fertilizer, diluted to about half the 
strength recommended for annuals.

Another tip about the Themidaceae in general is that they get larger and 
flower more abundantly if the bulbs are planted quite deeply.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA
Still snowy, but melting fast under pelting rain and sleet.

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