Life at the IBS?

James Waddick
Wed, 02 Jan 2008 06:59:56 PST
Dear John,
	I have been reluctant to touch this topic especially here.
	I think  IBS is a touchy topic to many.

	I have had a few private discussions with various people 
about 'what's the matter/" in general with IBS and the situation 
seems long, involved and tender. It involves personalities (and their 
egos), personal conflicts and the general change in how things are 
done (WWW, rise of PBS, etc.)

	The most recent president of IBS resigned suddenly and Alan 
Meerow has again taken on the duties.This on top of a very full 
schedule.  The web site seems barely coherent and the publications 
are wavering (or so I think). I reluctantly gave up on the group and 
did not renew after years of membership. My reasons were because of 
over the top decisions by influential officers.

	On the other hand - and a very important other hand - the IBS 
has a history and tradition of the highest quality of offerings and 
interest to the bulb world. I'd hate to see it fail totally, but it 
seems to repulse the real help it needs.

	And again personally I'd love to see a united bulb world 
combining the best of PBS, IBS and other bulb groups both physical 
and on-line.

	I think right now IBS just doesn't 'work' very well. So I am 
curious if you ever got some one willing to sell you some back issues.

		Good luck.		Jim W.

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