Babianas and cold tolerance

Jim McKenney
Tue, 22 Jan 2008 08:22:20 PST
I've been keeping a keen eye on this Babiana discussion and also taking a
renewed interest in the many images on the wiki. Last summer Jane McGary
sent me two species of Babiana, B. disticha and B. secunda. They are now in
one of the cold frames and so far seem to be taking the winter well. 

Armed as I am now with a new small seed lots import permit, I'm also going
over the Silverhill site very carefully. The small, fragrant Gladiolus in
particular seem irresistible. Some of the small south African irids look
superficially a lot like Juno irises. If the cold frame project continues to
be as successful as it has been so far, some new, broader horizons will be
beckoning strongly. And Mary Sue, expect to be hearing from me when I run
into trouble - I'll be relying on your "been there, done that" experience.  

Ten years ago so much readily available information - and readily available
plant material - would have been unthinkable for most of us. I sometimes
feel I'm living in a golden age of gardening.

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, where a "winter mix" is
forecast by the weather prophets.
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