Galanthus requirements

Jim McKenney
Sun, 27 Jan 2008 16:21:13 PST
Thanks for the comments, Mark. I'm sorry if I gave the impression that
snowdrops had not done well for me and were lacking in my garden. 

I'll keep your suggestions in mind; I'm sure there will be space if I ever
get the chance to try the ones you mention. 

Actually, I grow a nice assortment of snowdrops, many obtained years ago
from Mr. Mars of Haselmere or later from Avon Bulbs back in the days when
plants were sent in the green. In my experience, such plants always arrived
in excellent condition. I've got early snowdrops, late snowdrops, singles,
doubles, some with narrow foliage, some with broad foliage, some are big,
some are small, the green markings on the inner tepals of some are so
distinct that I've got pet names for them, and there are some with greenish
markings on the outer tepals and one golden snowdrop which appeared in the
garden here. 

Few of these have made it to my web site - I'm not sure why. 

I like them all very much, and in that affection I see a potential problem:
I refuse to start another collection. I've learned to be satisfied with what
I've got - or at any rate satisfied most of the time. 

The snowdrops I grow do well here and are carefree once you get them going.
The only problems I've ever encountered with snowdrops were with newly
acquired material. 

Best regards and I hope your garden is soon a blizzard of snowdrop bloom.  

Jim McKenney

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