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Hello Dell.  Yes, I know that this is the Pacific Bulb Society.  But the 
Pacific Ocean is rarely peaceful, and there are members in non-pacific zones 
because this outfit is INFORMATIVE, and some of us from the Midwest moved 
out there to the coast. I did it the other way around... I grew up out there 
(Berkeley)  and would like to grow some childhood remembrances.  SO, I'm in 
the market for stuff that's weedy out there, hard-to-kill, and on the edge 
of freeze-hardy, because I want to grow them here in Illinois.   So far, 
I've got a  couple of "callas"   (one  from Jim Shields) that wintered over 
next to the house,  a couple of gladioli, and am playing with a few others: 
Lycoris sanguinea (survived 2 nights of 0° away from the house and bloomed 
last year.  ) My  Campsis hybrid  "Mme. Galen" is now up to about 20 feet on 
the old telepone pole and bloomed well last year with about 400 flowers. 
The humming  irds haven 't come yet, but maybe this year.

When you folks say "hardy", I have to translate for  my zone, and think, 
"Nah!"--but I'd love to try tougher clones of Rhodophiala bifida, 
Hymenocallis from Texas,    And growing a few from seed  from weedy and 
hard-to-kill types might better the odds and be just the thing for me.

     I'm sure that there are a few other like-minded of us, here in  the 
Midwest and I'm guessing Jim Shields, and Jim Waddick for openers. 

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