"Real" ," Gardens'" and the BX

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Sat, 26 Jan 2008 12:05:38 PST
Dear Friends ,
	Recent post have pushed me over the edge to make some 
comments on the relatedness of these topics.

	There is a line between a garden, a collection, commerce and 
agriculture, but all are inter-related.

	If we can accept that the person who goes to a big "Wal Mart' 
and buys a potted cyclamen in bloom is at least a nascent gardener, 
then a "real" gardener can grow a row of a specialty collection and 
still be a gardener? If that gardener has dozens of rows and sells 
the production, isn't that agriculture, not horticulture? Is a cold 
frame or a rock garden alone a 'garden'?

	And I think it is (or should be) the aim of every 'real' 
gardener to share and propagate. We all know people who buy lots of 
plants, but never seem to have any extras to share Shouldn't we all 
have those plants that seem to HAVE TO be divided every year or two 
and given away, replanted or composted. I donate to the BX with some 
regularity and get a few things from the BX, but I'd bet there's as 
many or more who get lots of things from the BX and never 'produce' 
extras FOR the BX.

	Anyone who gardens should GROW things: they get bigger, 
multiply and produce seed of offsets. We're all farmers.

	And what is a "real' Garden? Most of all of our environments 
are drastically unlike nature. Trees have been rampantly cut down and 
reforested, landscaped reshaped by urban or rural machinery. Unless 
you live 'way out',  every inch of ground has been trod upon, moved 
and been influenced by changes in the flora. If your back yard is 
untended and overgrown, isn't it still as 'real' a garden? Weed 
clogged empty lots, fields of grain and manicured 'gardens' are all 
shades of the similar manipulation.

	To be sure we have standards and understanding of what makes 
a real garden and a real gardener. If you never have extra divisions, 
seeds, or cuttings are you a 'real' gardener?

	I am just throwing out these thoughts to encourage donors. I 
don't mean to guilt anyone into donating to the BX. It is meant to 
spread extras around without guilt.

	Any rebuttals?		Best		Jim W.
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