BX wish list

Linda Foulis lmf@beautifulblooms.ab.ca
Sat, 26 Jan 2008 09:27:18 PST
This is an excellent idea Dell.

When we moved here almost 3 years ago I gave away all of my spring bulbs,
all of my lilies (all hybrids) and a large chunk of my allium bulbs, keeping
only my favorites.  I was concentrating on moving the perennials only,
thinking that it would be easy enough to replace the rest.  Well, things did
not work out like I had planned!  I had been hoping that I could replace
some from seed hopefully from the BX, but most of the bulbs I want are very
common and I can understand why one would not save the seed, everyone has
them after all.  I would love to see more seed from muscari, tulipa, scilla
and any other of the spring bulbs.  Hardy to zone 3 or 4 that is.
Due to the move I lost all of my garlic bulbils, what I had once called
'winter garlic'.  I've yet to replace it, I can't find anyone else who grows
it, but I sure do miss it.  Common alliums are very welcome in my garden
being deer proof.   Would any one else be interested in common allium seed
and or bulbils?
I won't be replacing the lily's, I would rather try for species lilies only
in this garden.  I already have lilium pumilum but would like to add some

There's my wish list, oh yes, I would like a greenhouse too. ;-}

Linda in Okotoks, CA

Nothing blooming here!

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