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James Frelichowski
Wed, 02 Jan 2008 09:29:00 PST
  I'm from Bryan (next to College Station), but actually relocated from Bakersfield, CA area and grew up near Chicago and went to school at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana Campus.
  I'm a strict Hippeastrum'o'phile.
  I work with cotton with the USDA.
  James Frelichowski

Lee &/or Dee Garner <> wrote:
  Hello everyone! I recently became a new member of PBS and wanted to introduce myself.
I'm Lee Garner of Willis, Texas, USA ( 75 miles north of Houston -zone 8A)....I have been a gardener for many years but have developed a love & facination of geophytes within the past few years and yearning to learn more. Thanks to the wonderful work of so many...creating the WIKI,...(which I have been referencing the past year)...I've been learning so much....delightful!
I currently grow Hippeastrums,Crinums, Zephyranthes, Habranthus, Alliums, Rhodophiala, Lycoris, Hymenocallis, Hemerocallis, Hebertia, Ismene and a few other things! Thank you for accepting another student within the group! 

I must ask for assistance....since I don't fully understand how the Seed & Bulb Exchange
works. I've perused the lists of so many....but I'm unaware of the normal protocol for the
"exchange" of seeds or bulbs from the various members....or how I contact others about doing so. Again,...thanks to all for such a wonderful resource! Lee
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