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Ron Vanderhoff
Wed, 02 Jan 2008 21:29:19 PST
  I've grown the species Ipheion uniflorum and the selections 'Rolf Fielder', 'Froyle Mill', Charlotte Bishop', 'Alberto Castillo', 'Alba' and 'Jesse'. Even the species I. dailystemon, I. hirtellum and I. sellowianum (=Nothoscordum sellowianum).
  I have never noticed more than one flower per pedicel on any of these, although now that you asked, I'm going to pay closer attention this year.
  Ron Vanderhoff
  Mild, Mediterranean Southern California, where rain (much needed) is due over the next couple of days.
James Waddick <> wrote:
  Dear PBSers,

Ipheion uniflorum as the name suggests should have a single 
flower per fan of foliage. I think so. Does anyone have an alternate 
experience? Does it ever have 2 or more per ?

And Ipheion 'Rolf Fiedler' , long suggested as a 'different ' 
species from typical uniflorum...How many flowers does it have per 
stem? Does any Ipheion have multiple flowers per stem?

And what about the 'new' 'Jessie' said to be an improved 
'Rolf Fiedler'. how many flowers per stem ?

Best Jim W.
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