Wish Lists and the BX

Lee Poulsen wpoulsen@pacbell.net
Sat, 26 Jan 2008 15:58:43 PST
Mary Sue will probably kill me for this, but I'm going to intersperse my 
comments among Jim's (and delete the ones I'm not commenting on).

J.E. Shields wrote:
> There is a source for seeds of several Brazilian species of Hippeastrum.  I 
> would like to get seeds of the Argentinean and the Bolivian species of 
> Hippeastrum as well --  but not hybrid seeds!
I totally agree. And extend it up from Bolivia into Peru as well. And 
there are a bunch of other geophytes from that area that I'd love to get 
my hands on as well. Bolivia & Peru are probably my #1 choice of where 
I'd like to see a seed expedition go. I'd even shell out a little bit 
for that one if it happened.
> Are seeds of Chilean bulbs available anymore?  I got some nice Rhodophiala 
> species a few years ago.  By the way, those Rhodophiala seeds remain viable 
> at room temperature for years on end!  There are other genera beside 
> Rhodophiala in Chile that are also attractive and enticing.
Sorry Jim, I should have sent you the ones I know that are currently 
offering Chilean seeds to update your Sources 'page. Osmani is still 
actively offering a lot of Chilean native geophyte and other seeds.
A woman named Ursula is also offering Chilean seeds, some of which 
complements Osmani's.
That website I was commenting on some days ago apparently also offers 
seeds for a number of the species on their site, although they're a bit 
And Flores & Watson are now offering some of their seeds via the 
Archibalds' list, which makes them quite a bit pricey in dollar terms. 
(But the Archibalds aren't going to keep up their website so you need to 
request their paper list. Which BTW they offered 3 species of 
Hieronymiella that the Watsons collected in N. Argentina.)
> I want to see seeds of more uncommon species of Haemanthus and Scadoxus 
> available.  For example,  HH. tristus, amarylloides, namaquensis, and 
> canaliculatus;  SS. pole-evansiae, cinnabarinus, cyrtanthiflorus, and nutans
These would be very nice as well. Know anyone going to Uganda anytime 
soon? I heard rumors that Silverhill Seeds might be able to offer seeds 
of S. cyrtanthiflorus in a few years.

I need to think some more about what is on my wish list.
--Lee Poulsen
Pasadena, California, USDA Zone 10a

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