Tropaeolum notes

Paul T.
Fri, 11 Jan 2008 16:18:11 PST
>Incidentally, Tropaeolum tricolor in my bulb frame has worked its way out
>of the covering lights and has extended its stem onto the superstructure of
>the frame, despite occasional frost and far too much rain. So far the
>exposed part shows no damage.


T. tricolor isn't bothered by -8 or -9'C in the slightest.  I grow it 
outside here, both in 8 inch black plastic pots and in the 
ground.  No problemo at all here at least, but obviously I can't 
vouch for any colder.  At those temps there isn't any damage to 
either leaves or flowers regardless of the frost or how early the sun 
gets to it (my pots are in an area where they get the morning sun, so 
if the temps were bothering it they would get maximum damage.  Winter 
rains don't seem to bother it at all either.


Paul T.
Canberra, Australia - USDA Zone Equivalent approx. 8/9

Growing an eclectic collection of plants from all over the world 
including Aroids, Crocus, Cyclamen, Erythroniums, Fritillarias, 
Galanthus, Irises, Trilliums (to name but a few) and just about 
anything else that doesn't move!! 

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