Welcome and Thanks

Deborah Jordan djordan68@comcast.net
Tue, 01 Jan 2008 12:14:31 PST
Happy New Year!

I haven't posted over here before; but I am a member who just wants to say that I greatly appreciate the Wiki and all the hard work that went into creating/updating/organizing it. I very much appreciate the notices of when new species have been added. Since I tend to grow a lot of unusual species (at least for this area, anyway) I find it invaluable. I'm a bit more active in IBS. I just have one question. If I have pictures that you might want, who do I contact?

Welcome Lee!

I live out in the "unincorporated" area west of Houston and grow a lot of Zephyranthes, Habranthus, Rhodophiala, Crinum, Cypella, Lycoris, Hymenocallus, Ipheions, Herbertias, Alliums, Freesia species and Freesia laxa's, a lot of different Narcissus, Oxalis, Gladiolus species, Sternbergia, Polianthes, Tigridias, Albucas, Sprekelia, a few species Hipeastrums, lots of Louisiana Iris hybrids and some Calla's. 

Rather unusually for this area of the country, I also grow some Triteleias, Calostemma, Ammocharis, Nemastylus and Schoencaulon (both native to TX, but not this part), Northoscordium, Leucocoryne, Trichopetalum, Pasithea, Aristea, Cyanella, Lachenalia, Veltheima, Hesperanthas, Pancratim, Scadoxus, Ledebouria, a few Scillas, Nerines, and Sisyrinchium.

I'm also "spelling challenged" when in a hurry, so please excuse any errors.

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