Brian Duncan Daffodils Inquiry

Mark Mazer
Sat, 12 Jan 2008 12:21:42 PST
>The SOURCES page got an inquiry about Brian Duncan daffodils.  I have not 
>found any address for his daffodils.  Is he still in business?  Does anyone 
>know if he has a catalog for mail order?


I found this info in an article from The Telegraph newspaper in the UK:

"Shortly afterwards, initially with a local partner, Brian acquired Rathowen Daffodils, later re-named Brian Duncan Daffodils and, with the support of his wife, Betty, he ran a small mail-order business, growing daffodils in two rented acres behind their house on the outskirts of Omagh. Retired from business these days, his new daffodils (as many as 17 in 2005) are now introduced to the world by Nial Watson of Ringhaddy Daffodils, Killinchy. 

Mark Mazer
Hertford, North Carolina USA

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