Xerophyllum tenax (bear grass)

Dennis O'Meara primarycolors1@gmail.com
Sat, 12 Jan 2008 14:47:00 PST
Hi, I live on the south sound prairie, southwest of Olympia, WA.  We are 
near the Mima Mounds Natural area.  In fact there are numerous mounds on 
our 5 acre property and in the neighborhood.  I have collected bear grass 
seed from the 51 acre reserve parcel in our neighborhood, and I hope to get 
some plants started to plant on our property.  I don't know if this is the 
same sub alpine variety, but it is a variety that grows at close to sea 
level on the western Washington prairie.  I have found that we have plant 
and birds species that I have only seen here in our sub climate.  We tend 
to be a bit colder in the winter and hotter & drier in summer than areas 
closer to Puget Sound.

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