Asphodelus acauils

Jane McGary
Wed, 30 Jan 2008 11:00:11 PST
Jim mentioned his Asphodelus acaulis, apparently an offset of a plant I 
sent to someone else in his area. I don't think I had enough seed of this 
plant to donate to an exchange until 2007. This is a very pretty 
winter-flowering plant from Morocco, producing peach-pink flowers on very 
short stems and with a lax basal rosette of leaves. It makes slowly 
increasing crowns, and the one that blooms seems to die afterward. I grow 
it in a frame that is dry in summer, in a large mesh basket. It is not a 
bulb but rather a growing point with a number of storage roots, similar to 
a small Eremurus.

There are a number of species of Asphodelus around the Mediterranean, where 
they are often the dominant flowering herbs in the landscape because they 
are not eaten by goats. I also grow A. albus in a border and have young 
plants of a couple of other species. The large species have lush foliage 
that withers by midsummer, and they are easily divided when dormant.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA
still snowed in

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