Xerophyllum tenax

brent hine brent.hine@ubc.ca
Tue, 08 Jan 2008 15:06:44 PST
The Xerophyllum tenax which is in the garden I manage was introduced to 
our cultivation in 1974.  It persists, but not surprisingly doesn't 
flower every year.
(I think it was now 3 summers since I recall seeing two flower stalks)  
The soil surrounding the plants is gravelly and lean, and its aspect is 
on a west-facing 30 degree slope.
Our summers are dry-ish during July and August.  At that time, some 
overhead irrigation also reaches the plants, but the soil becomes rather 
dried out.  Sometimes also in summer the plants look rather yellow, 
which is likely due to a lack of nourishment.  Last week I cleaned up 
around them and found that as usual at this time of year, mice or other 
rodents have predated the stems.  As well as one of their food sources, 
I've found balls of the leaves used as winter homes.  I found them very 
snug and dry inside!

Brent Hine
Vancouver, BC
UBC Botanical Garden
zone 7a

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