Wiki Additions--Arachnorchis

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 24 Jan 2008 08:22:02 PST

I decided to put pictures of the Caladenia orchids from Australia on the 
genus pages of the new genera proposed by Jones and Clement for this genus 
with links on the Caladenia page to save having to make a number of 
Caladenia pages later if I put them both places. So the first additional 
genus I've made a page for is Arachnorchis (spider orchids). I've added 
some Western Australia species identified for us at an orchid show in 
Albany and some species that we saw in Victoria in the wild that Malcolm 
has confirmed the identification for me. I've got a lot more pictures to 
add from Western Australia, but there are so many species and my books 
don't include them all so identification is very challenging so they may 
all end up sp. when I finally get around to them. It is quite thrilling 
when you discover these orchids in the wild and we all took multiple 
pictures whenever that happened. Sometimes we found more than one, but 
often you would only see one or perhaps a couple of plants and so we were 
always grateful to the person who discovered one. I think I got a bit 
carried away with adding SOME of these pictures to the wiki, but they 
really do look different from different angles and they are quite intricate 
in design.…

There are a lot more Caladenia pictures coming as I have time.

Mary Sue

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