Babianas and cold tolerance
Tue, 22 Jan 2008 16:48:44 PST
On 22 Jan 08, at 11:22, Jim McKenney wrote:

> I sometimes feel I'm living in a golden age of gardening.

Just hold still for a few moments and I'll take care of that feeling.

[Experienced readers all know to go "uh-oh, rant ahead."]

Perhaps we are in a golden age of gardening, perhaps we're not. True, 
the range of plant material is wider than ever, but there's a great 
deal more to a garden than the plants in it.

No, I'm not referring to concrete work, statues, and fountains. What 
I mean is that the plants *alone* do not make the garden.

Jim McK. and I might fortuitously grow exactly the same assemblage of 
plants (Veriolitsis glomulama, anyone?), but our gardens will be 
different. This would be true even if we lived next door to each 

It's fun to attempt growing "difficult" plants, but sometimes I think 
we plant nuts, of whatever stripe, get so caught up in the plants 
that we forget to look at the garden. Myself, I've been downsizing my 
coldframe operation for a couple of years. I got tired of dozens, if 
not hundreds, of dinky little pots holding seeds & seedlings, and 
have been trying my best to get things out into the open garden. Some 
are successes, some are failures, but with every pot planted out, 
there's one less pot to disfigure the garden scene.

After all, didn't the ancient Persians, who invented ornamental 
gardens, call them "paradises"?

Seems to me that a big issue (for some of us) is: how can obscure 
and/or difficult plants add to the garden picture????

Rodger Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Maritime Zone 8, a cool Mediterranean climate

on beautiful Vancouver Island

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