newbie looking for a little bulb growing info

Mark Mazer
Sat, 19 Jul 2008 14:10:09 PDT
  I am fairly new to this list and with winter growing bulbs from south
>> africa. I would like to ask if anyone could spare a little wisdom with me. I am
>> disabled and taking care of the many small bulbs in lots of small pots is
>> getting me down. >> Any thoughts on the subject? 
>Raised beds are ideal for small bulbs. I had a large one at my old house, and 
>another, smaller one where I am now, but the railway ties I used for walls 
>ultimately turned out to be harboring carpenter ants, so they were disposed of 
>and now the bed is nicknamed "the burial mound."

There is another strategy that could be employed as you have a disability and access is very important.  Roger does a fine job describing a raised bed that goes from ground level, but please also consider a deep planting box that is up on legs or masonary columns.  With the availibility of lightweight expanded stone aggregates and a properly designed structure, you can gain access from all four sides.  There are several books that address the subject of gardening disabled and I would be willing to bet that any competant carpenter could assemble an adequate structure. I would imagine that a bed 9 to 12 inches deep would prove adequate for the cultivation of your bulbs.  I have seen these types of planters at progressive nursing homes and rehab facilities used for growing vegetables and ornamental flowers and would imagine that with a little thought they could be modified for a bulb collection.  I would test the design with a small bed to start.

Mark Mazer
Hertford, North Carolina
Zone 7b-8

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