Help Cultivate the Eastern Cactus & Succulent Conference!

~ DanD
Mon, 07 Jul 2008 08:31:54 PDT
Help Cultivate the 16th Eastern Cactus & Succulent Conference *- will there
be a 17th ?!?*

The 16th Eastern Cactus & Succulent Conference,  is planned for the weekend
of Aug. 15 to 17, 2008 at the Radisson Hotel in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

Please visit our Conference website,, for more
information about this great event. Those of you interested in South African
bulbs take note of some of the speakers below who are very knowledgeable on
the subject. Also of note - at our specimen auction we will have a
collection of hard to get Gethyllis bulbs - at least 6 different species.

The conference is being sponsored by the Massachusetts Cactus & Succulent
Society ( and we have spent the past year lining up a stellar
roster of internationally known speakers and vendors to make this the
premier Cactus & Succulent event in the east.

Some of the speakers, coming great distances for this event, include:

   - Steven Hammer - of the Sphaeroid Institute, California, international
   authority on Mesembryanthemums, Haworthia and other South African
   - Ernst van Jaarsveld - Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens, South Africa,
   internationally known authority on Gasteria and the Flora of South Africa.

   - Panayoti Kelaidis - Denver Botanic Garden, intl. authority on hardy
   succulents and alpines.
   - Mark Dimmitt PhD - Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, Adenium, Pachypodium,
   Trichocereus & more.
   - Dennis Cathcart - of Tropiflora, Florida, explorer and grower of

Other featured speakers include some of the premiere succulent cultivators
in the North East:

   - Chris Allen - from Connecticut, grower of magnificent caudiciforms
   - Dr.Jerry Barad - from New Jersey, former CSSA president, Stapeliad
   expert & more
   - Fred Kattermann - from New Jersey, expert on Copiapoa, Eriosyce and
   other South American cacti.
   - Glen Lord - of Bonsai West in Massachusetts, grower of caudiciform
   - Matt Mattus - of Massachusetts, authority on South African bulbs.
   - Dr. Matt Opel - of the University of Connecticut, noted expert on many
   succulents especially those of South Africa.

A lot of effort and time is being offered by this assemblage of authorities
on behalf of the C&S community.

*Unfortunately, the response has been less than anticipated and with fewer
and fewer people attending each year this may be the last Eastern C&S
conference. Unless the conference is supported by the C&S community it will
be more difficult to attract quality speakers and vendors and the event will
become economically unfeasible.*

Our club, the Cactus & Succulent Society of Massachusetts, had planned to
underwrite the initial costs ourselves but we find that those costs have
increased quite a bit in the past year.  Air fares alone, for the speakers
coming long distances, are reaching the point where the ability to pay for
all of them at this point is a challenge.

The increasing price of fuel has obviously had a significant impact on this
event and all other aspects of life for all of us.  However, we feel the
cost of domestic travel has not increased to the point where it should
affect our enjoyment of our hobby.

The Radisson Chelmsford Hotel's conference rate of $84 per room/night is
unbeatable for the superb quality of the accommodations provided by the
hotel, and our registrants will be provided a limited number of deluxe rooms
depending upon date of registration.

We have decided to extend the early-bird registration of $110 through Sat.
July 12.  The Sat. night banquet, followed by an auction, will remain at $30
and the Super Duck amphibious tour on 8/18 of Boston and its harbor is still

It would be appreciated if you would immediately help publicize the
conference to your fellow hobbyists and hopefully convince some to come with
you to the conference.

If each eastern club could help us get a few more of their members to
register for the conference, it would help to make it a success.

If this event, with its stellar roster of international speakers, in an
outstanding hotel, in a prime tourist destination is not successful, then we
must seriously question whether any future Eastern Conferences will take

Please contact us for any details you may wish to discuss.  We are counting
on your help in making this conference a success and thus ensure the
possibility of future Eastern Conferences.

Thank you.

Dan Downey
Art Scarpa
16th Eastern Cactus & Succulent Conference
Aug. 15 - 17, 2008 at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center,
Chelmsford, Massachusetts

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