Sinningia sowing

Thu, 10 Jul 2008 13:13:19 PDT
I surface sowed five of the Sinningia varieties when I got them. I used a
sterile organic medium with a lot of small grit.  The containers are sealed,
in bright shade, and so far no seedlings.

Vista, CA

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hi joyce,

i don't know what i can tell you since i grow everything indoors in a non-AC
appartment in the jungle of new york.  because Sinningia and gesneriad seed
is so small, it can be frustrating to work with.  i sow a small portion in a
small 2" pot and keep it enclosed in an iced-coffee plastic cup.  if you
have too much moss growing over, it's obviously a humidity issue?  in the
wild, we have seen many seedlings growing on moss-covered rocks, so they
obviously can live together...  

i was wondering if people have had some success or failure with the
Sinningia seed i have sent dell.  mostly, seed can be kept viable for many
years in the fridge, and some of the seed i sent him is a bit old.  just
wondering if anyone has had no luck whatsoever.

for those interested, the Gesneriad Society just held its convention and
there's a slide show at this website:

as you know, many genera in the family are tuberous/rhizomatous.

tsuh yang

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>     May I know the technique you use to sow sinningia seed
> and avoid moss grow over.  I have a temperature controlled
> greenhouse.

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