Cryptostephanus species

Ronald Redding
Sat, 26 Jul 2008 17:01:26 PDT
Dear bulb friends
I just thought that I would add something that I have found to be very helpful in my opinion. Clivia and c. vansonii are very happy if their roots are exposed and will flourish - I have even seen photos that show c. haemanthoides doing well with many of its roots exposed however I have not been successful at all with this planting depth. I have found that new roots come from the top of the bulb and they do not like to be fully exposed hence I have found that by planting the entire bulb just below the level of the growing medium gives the best results. I also grow them in a 50% orchid bark and  a material like scoria mix that is between 4 and 10mm in diameter. I give full morning sun to haemathoides and I am finally getting a bulb that is starting to look like it is happy and was not able to heal another bulb that was looking very ill when it arrived. The bulb that I have left is currently under a bench to keep it very dry over one of the westest winters we have seen in a long time.
My plants just do not know what is going on like a lot of the marine life here at them moment. I have many specie hippy and hybrids sending up flower scapes and papilio is flowering all over the garden at the moment which is delightful as they are finally established and giving me the best results that I have ever had with them here. We had a hard sharp cold period at the beginning of winter and them a very mild period with buckets and buckets of rain and growth is happening everywhere right in the middle of of the wrong season.Kind Regards and Best WishesRon ReddingHervey BayAustralia
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