Scented Crinum xpowellii ??

James Waddick
Wed, 16 Jul 2008 18:50:19 PDT
Dear Friends,
	I know there are far more knowledgeable Crinum-holics here 
who can give an opinion on this questions -

	Are there many nicely scented Hardy Crinum?

	This started a few days ago when a new (to me) Crinum opened 
its first flowers. It is from the late Les Hannibal's garden and has 
no name. It is obviously an x powellii. The flowers are large 
wide-petalled and a luscious pale pink. I noticed a decidedly 
pleasant floral scent when I walked by. Most x. powellii have no or 
the faintest of scent to them.. well most hardy Crinum have almost no 
	This stood out.

	Are there well scented Hardy Crinum? Typical pink and 'alba x 
powellii are almost without a scent and the strongest is still very 
mild, but this Hannibal pink is definite and pronounced - far 
stronger and nicer than any other in the garden. Is this a fluke or a 
goal of Les Hannibal ?

	Can anyone suggest some well scented hardy Crinum?

	I know scent is as much in the mind as the nose of the 
sniffer, but this example is striking.

		Many thanks for your responses.		Jim W.
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