Bulb Requirements: Hippeastrum

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First year planted by you not you or the soil it is from the way it was
grown and handled before you got it. Giraffe and Lima are hard to keep
I have seedling from them blooming now.

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Hi All,

along the lines of bulb requirements (soil, heat, moisture, light) and
experimentation, there was something else I wanted to share & ask the group
with regards to Hippeastrum.

Last fall (November) I bought 3 Hippeastrum (Giraffe, Clown & cybister Lima)
from Amaryllis.com to add to my collection.

As an experiment, I planted them all in one, rectangular, cheapo, $1.00
Store, *plastic* container in 100% (sphagnum) peat moss; no sand, no organic
compost...no-nothing else...and then treated them the same way as the rest
of my Hipps with regards to water & fertilizer.

1.)  Well, Lima immediately started off-setting.

When the first off-set broke ground shortly after the mother-bulb's
leaves began growing, I assumed it was a weed...which I thought was odd
being in 100% sterilized peat.

In the past 8 months it has produced 8 off-sets...all 1" to 3" inches away
from the mother-bulb.  I don't remember any of my other Hipps off-sets
growing so far away from the mother-bulb; most emerge either from the
mother-bulb or right next to it.

2.)  Not only did the Clown send up two 5-flowered & 4-flowered scapes,
which produced so many seeds that for those of you I sent Rhodophiala seeds
to, I also included a packet of Clown x Clown seeds too (just to be rid of
the damn things...so now they're on you), but now the Clown is the largest
Hipp in my collection; leaves 28" x 2.5".

If I hadn't seen it bloom, I would think that maybe I was sent some kind of
Crinum or Agapanthus by mistake.

3.)  And Finally, the Giraffe has sent up another scape and is about to have
a second bloom of the season, which I don't remember any of my other hybrid
Hipps doing before.

The question is;  *Peat...or Heat*?

HEAT:  The first 3 months of these bulb's grown cycle (first-green to
seed-harvest) I had them in my apartment in San Francisco...which although
has light issues 'cuz of its Eastern exposure...it also has *steam radiator

Since it is perpetually winter in San Francisco, even with a thermostate &
timer, the radiator is always on and the bulbs were kept constantly in dry
heat between 73F and 82F.

That's really the only significant difference.

After I harvested the seeds, I moved them to Sacto...and they've been out in
the back yard (open) with all my other Hipps since the beginning of April.

*Would anyone care to venture an answer to the 'Peat...or Heat?' question?*

Lemme know.

This goes for all my PBS group forum entries...if you would prefer to
respond privately...please do.


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