Scented Crinum xpowellii ??

Cynthia Mueller
Thu, 17 Jul 2008 04:58:25 PDT
Dear Jim,
For sce

Subject: [pbs] Now: scented crinum

Dear Friends,
Jim Waddick recently asked:
"I know there are far more knowledgeable Crinum-holics here 
who can give an opinion on this questions -

Are there many nicely scented Hardy Crinum?

Can anyone suggest some well scented hardy Crinum?"
My idea of a nicely scented crinum is 'Emma Jones' but I'm not sure if she could withstand your winters.  Most of my crinums either have a mild- or strong "dishsoap scent" mixed with light perfume or none at all.  Emma smells like bouquets of Easter lilies.  Her only fault is that the stalks always fall over unless you take action to tie them up.  But - nobody's perfect.  It does not set seed with the crinums I have in my garden.  
Cynthia Mueller
College Station TX
Zone 8b-9

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