Turning of summer

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Fri, 04 Jul 2008 07:50:08 PDT
Dear all,
	As the solstice has passed and the summer is in full 'mode', 
it seems timely to mark the bulbous changes.

	Lilum michiganense, that I reported on earlier, is well past 
peak and the remaining flowers look distinctly "tired". I was 
essentially unsuccessful in seeking color forms, but I'll try again 
in seed season.

	Other lilies are taking the lead with a range of species, 
Asiatics, Trumpets and especially Orienpets. 'Silk Road' is still a 
favorite - large uopright stems and beautiful large white flowers 
with a deep claret-red center.
	Another good show came from the Lily 'Zeus' (another 
Orienpet, I think), but other favorites have finished and more have 
yet to start.

	Crinums have progressed with the various x powellii hybrids 
putting on a show. xpowelli alba is still one of the best of the 
older forms, and 'Super Ellen' is still pushing up a huge spike that 
will surely top 6 ft this year when it fully emerges from the 
foliage. This Crinum is still fairly new, but has proven itself far 
hardier than typical 'Ellen Bousanquet' and it is a couple sizes 
larger in all respects.
	Crinum 'scabrum' is sole survivor of this group of hybrids 
commonly called milk and wine "lilies " (crinums). It doesn't bloom 
every year, but is worth the wait.

	We've had a very wet year and the Crinums have responded with 
multiple scapes and more flowers. Normally Kansas City has shades of 
tan in the landscape by this time of year, but we still green and 
lush ( of course more than 5 1/2 inches of rain in one day helps A 

	Mention should be made of Anthericum. The flowers are small, 
almost insignificant and last, but a few hours each, but the 
multitude of scapes, buds and blooms gives a good show for weeks. 

	And last and weirdest, is a single aril-bred iris hybrid 
giving its first bloom (not rebloom) for the last couple of days. 
Very odd as Aril-bred iris tend to be earlier than most bearded types 
and all others are long gone in the garden.

	Signs of odd climate... again.

	Happy 4th of July to all US members and a happy July 4 to others.

		Best		Jim W.
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