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Thu, 24 Jul 2008 04:49:49 PDT
Hello to all members of the pbs. List,
I really though it was about time that I subscribed to this email list as I know it is a great place to bounce ideas and receive excellent help and information on all bulb matters.
I have two main areas of bulb interests those that are at work,( RHS Garden Rosemoor in Devon),largely hardy species and cultivars and a few tender species that are grown for pot display.
I am much more specific about the bulbs I grow at home and have my main interests in Amaryllids particularly  Scadoxus and  Veltheimia Urginea and or Drimia. I am also slowly increasing the amounts of Dipcadi that I grow.I hold National Collections of Scadoxus, Veltheimia and Urginea through the NCCPG, National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens.
Some of the winter growing Drimias are already showing some flower spikes, though still in bud they are earlier than previous years due no doubt to the cool summer nights that we have recently had.
The Scadoxus have had a good year with some lovely flower heads but I still await the flower spike on Scadoxus cyrtanthiflorus. From its horizontal rhizome it sheds its old foliage and pushes out a new pseudostem of leaves from the base each time getting thicker and growing taller, I am sure this year will be the year but I said that last year as well! 

Best wishes to all 

Jonathan Hutchinson      

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